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Ductwork Replacement and Heat Pump System Installation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Installations & Repairs
Our qualified technicians performed a ductwork replacement and heat pump system installation in Honolulu, Hawaii. The customer previously had two furnaces in their house but they became too old. So the customer wished to replace them and get rid of the asbestos in the house, too. During this project we served:
  • Ductwork replacement;
  • Asbestos removal;
  • PUZ-A36NKA7 Mitsubishi 36,000 BTU Heat Pump Air Conditioner P-Series Condenser;
  • SVZ-KP30NA 30,000 BTU Multi Position Ducted Heat Pump Air Handler;
  • SUZ-KA30NA2.TH 30k BTU M-Series SUZ Outdoor Condenser – Single Zone Only;
  • PVA-A36AA7 Mitsubishi 36,000 BTU Multi Position Air Conditioner Air Handler;
  • MHK2 Mitsubishi Wireless Programmable RedLINK Thermostat & Receiver Kit.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this Ductwork Replacement and Heat Pump System Installation